Get to Know Me

I’m a Prince George local, born and raised. A brief move to Burnaby earned me a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, after which I returned to my hometown where I’ve worked to grow my roots in the community.

This focus on connection to friends, family, and my hometown community is what brought me into choosing a career in real estate (it didn’t hurt that I think touring houses is fun). With my experiences away for school, work and travel, I’ve come to truly value the concept of a “home”, and how the physical environment in which one surrounds themselves significantly impacts their life and the person they are. I want to help others find and create that physical environment that will allow them to be their best selves and who they want to be. This is a very important decision in people’s lives, and I would love to be a positive part of that process for them!


Cornerstones of my Business

Honesty, transparency, and quality drive the work I do for my clients.

If you’re selling, you can feel confident that I will be marketing your home effectively for reaching the right buyers.
If you’re buying, you’ll appreciate my responsiveness to showing requests and providing information on the properties you’re interested in!
Either way, my goal is to ensure you’re making informed decisions throughout the process and being given the guidance you need for a successful transaction!